My name is Allan. I live just outside IY and am part of the community for over 4 years now. I was born in Zimbabwe and lived in a town called Harare. I lived there until I was 18 and then moved to Cape Town to reunite with my parents, they got here in 2006 when they were searching for better jobs. I came here to study but here you need a lot of money to do that so I started working first. In the beginning I worked as a chef in hospitality and after that I got offered a job as bartender. It was later when I found out about the course of Sauce (South African Unique Culinary Experience). It is offered on the same property as iKhaya. I followed the course last year for almost three months and really enjoyed learning so much more information about the background of coffee, the hospitality and restaurant industry. It was a privilege to me that I could be part of this course.
Every time when I went to the course the children of iKhaya were playing outside and doing their homework. Every chance I got I took to play soccer with them. I enjoyed spending time at iKhaya so much that when Nicolette, the volunteer coordinator, offered me to do volunteering I could not resist. I am a kids person, playing with these children or helping them with homework is just something that I love to do. The children here are amazing, they are so kind, always smiling and very open hearted. Even now when I am walking through the streets and see them I can hug them and give them some love.

 iKhaya le Themba became such an important part of the community. They do a great job with teaching and educating these children. This makes iKhaya a special place because a lot of children donโ€™t have a family that can educate them or love them like they do here at iKhaya and those things are needed in life.

I am starting my study soon and am going to try to visit iKhaya whenever I can to enjoy these kids as much as I can. They are truly something special.