iKhaya le Themba seems to me like a magical place. How you treat a child is the most important aspect of their education that will help them grow into a happy and independent person.

Every child has the opportunity to be themselves in everything they do. There are a lot of wonderful people at iKhaya. The children can trust them, talk to them, play with them, laugh with them, cry in their arms, learn some important school subjects and do a lot more with them. I was also one of those persons. I was in the middle of everything and tried my best to make the kids happy, to make them laugh and also that they learned a lot. How they can grow, how to reach their further goals and their dream profession. The kids are loved and respected all the time. I think it’s a place like heaven for them, even if they have to do their homework and learn something 😀

It was a great chance for me to see, what is really important in life and what is needed to be happy…it’s definitely not much: Love, food and a little house.

Most of the children have a very hard life, but iKhaya le Themba helped them to get a better life and to built up their self-confidence for the future.

I loved to be a part of this organisation, of this wonderful place. The world would be better if there would be a few more of these places and people who will fight and work for these children. Thank you for this life experience: It helped me to realise what true love, attention and time can do 😀

Just keep on going: You can make a difference in a life of a child!