Hello there! My name is Helena and I´m from Germany. I was volunteering at iKhaya Le Themba for two months and I am literally so thankful for the experiences I gained here and for the love and support I received. Unfortunately, time went by much too fast!

Before I´ll go to the university and study teaching, I decided to travel a few months in South Africa.  So working and playing with children as well as helping them with homework was a good practice for me. What I really loved is that we (I met many other nice volunteers there) got opportunities to be creative and to contribute our own ideas. For example, we did a “music lesson” on Fridays, in which we taught some children a song to sing at the graduation ceremony. To sum it up our tasks and responsibilities are to help with teaching, homework and to read with them, to organize activities, to care for the children and to serve them food.

Besides volunteering, your weekends are free to explore more of the scenery and activities Cape Town has to offer! What I think is that you can experience South Africa, it`s people and culture more than any ordinary tourist. As iKhaya is located in Imizamo Yethu, a township in Hout Bay, you get access to see and experience the vibrancy of life in a South African Township, which was very interesting and extraordinary.

What is for certain is that this experience gave me back at least as much as I put in! Considering that many of these kids are vulnerable and disadvantaged, it is so heartwarming that they are so happy, lovely and kind! They give you a hug as a greeting, even if they see you for the first time… I already miss them so much!

iKhaya Le Themba did show me to be faithful in the little things and do everything with love! I felt so touched by hearing them singing in a choir, it satisfied me to see them dancing (I wish to be able to dance as good as they do…) and it fills my heart with joy that I could make them laugh and give them hope. iKhaya Le Themba has a great vision and a mission with very passionate teachers and people!!

Thank you for everything! With love – Helena ♥