iKhaya seeks interns and volunteers to provide general administrative support, communications and social media, event planning and project management.  The Director and Volunteer Coordinator work closely with the school, volunteer and volunteer organizations to fit the students applying with the right placement according to their abilities and desire to contribute.  All staff welcome our global visitors and are happy to show them around our community.  Please contact us if you are interested in applying as an intern or volunteer.  Often interested organizations contact iKhaya desiring to help support a project or provide a service that ultimately contributes to the well-being of the organization.  Please feel free to email or call us for ideas or if you’d like to make a suggestion. 


Sponsoring a child monthly provide holistic care and family support through:

iKhaya also provides holiday clubs, youth camps, special events and outings that provide an opportunity for enrichment not usually available to the children. Outings are held once/term for all 94 children.

Mathematics:  x 2 /week  – taught indoors, outdoors, concrete, abstract, Simply Maths workbooks, targeting maths on computers, mental maths, through cooking and a variety of games including flashcards. We strive to follow the CAPS philosophy of Maths education mentioned below.

Science: beginning knowledge, vocabulary, comprehension, reading and writing, hands-on for e.g. growing their own vegetables, nature walks and science-related craft/ art activities. Exposure to Environmental Awareness – Food Security, Recycling and Water Conservation.  a broad range of non-fiction literature.

Community Development and Parent Centre should be in Blue like After School Care as these are the other two programs of three ☺

iKhaya le themba intentionally works with community members and other local organisations in Imizamo Yethu and Hout Bay. Through research getting to know the people and culture of the community, we realized the form of support for orphans in the community would be more beneficial as a partnership as not as an orphanage, but rather an organisation that equipped and empowered families (led by single parents, guardians, even older siblings) by helping them to care for the children. Thus iKhaya’s After-School Care program was started with a strong focus on the support of the community. The majority of our staff come from the community and because of these strong relationships iKhaya is strongly embraced and supported by the larger community.  These relationships also keep communication open even to the wider community of Hout Bay and help ensure that we meet expressed needs rather than perceived ones.

More than forty households participate in our Parent Centre which the Adult education programme that provides the necessary training and education needs identified by the parents. Many parents (50%) are unemployed,  under-educated and need skills to provide for their families and the children. iKhaya le themba is in constant communication regarding the skills training needed and in 2011 began a program to up skill the parents and guardians of our children. In 2016 iKhaya continued this vital program by offering Worker Readiness Training Workshops thanks to a grant from the National Lottery Commission. In 2017 through a partnership with SAUCE (South African Unique Culinary Experience) iKhaya provides a skills training school offering 12 week certificate courses in Hospitality Skills; the first course began in September – Coffee Barista Training.

  • Amazing Human Race (Child Sponsorship)
  • FUNdraising Ideas
    • 15 soccer balls for our soccer teams
    • 6 Laptops for our staff
    • Transport and Outings for 94 children (one per term)