Sharon Cithabathwa is operating Nourish Bakery in the Hout Bay Harbour. She makes cost effective, high quality bread and baked goods for her community. The kids learn a skill, stay out of trouble and gain opportunities for future employment.

Sharon is empowered as a business owner. She uses her position as a way to lift up others, bringing entrepreneurship and outreach together. It’s a mutually beneficial approach that is changing lives. Sharon is also thriving in the bread baking business in Hout Bay Harbour at Workspace where she hopes to integrate in Imizamo Yethu, Hangberg and Hout Bay all together!

Her overall goal is to teach teenagers how to bake and how to sell the bread. Her main motivation is to help the community and bake nourishing bread, made with love!

IKhaya le Themba offers holistic help and support to 100 orphaned and vulnerable children in the township of Imizamo Yethu. Many of the heads of these households, live below the poverty line, lack education or skills. IKhaya is very cognizant of the need for employment and healthy living for its beneficiaries and their families. Addressing the social issues through financially sustainable business models was at the heart of its sustainability strategy. Through a Worker Readiness Training course offered to 27 parents, 22 found work, 2 enrolled to study, 3 requested further help in entrepreneurship. Ikhaya’s NOURISH Bakery was birthed in January with the purchase of a Mama Mimi’s Bakery Oven and the three potential entrepreneurs were trained in the art of breadmaking. Two of the three found permanent employment elsewhere and then 3 youth were trained as artisan breadmakers. A second oven was donated and the 3 youth excelled not only in bread baking but also in selling the bread locally in the township, local restaurants, creches and the township shops. The first three youth mastered the breadbaking, rusks, muffins and pizzas and moved on to welding courses whereby they can build their own ovens along with additional vocational courses such as IT, firefighting, electrical, chef skills and management with the hopes of mastering the art of success with NOURISH Bakery and coffee shop. There is another round of youth training upcoming in February, 2017

 Dreaming out of the box and into the oven…

Mission: To consistently meet the expectations of our customers and to be a shining example of a sustainable social enterprise for the community of Imizamo Yethu by providing high quality bread. Everything is baked with love, through baking; we connect with our community by creating great bread, feeding our family, friends and neighbours.

Workspace is a shared DIY workshop or Makerspace, located in the Harvest Center, in Hout Bay Harbour.

The focus is to provide a creative space for makers to engage, make and display talents. Within that mandate, the members of Workspace are committed to sharing their skills to help uplift disadvantaged people within the Hout Bay community.


Nourish Bakery will be living proof that integrity, hard work, innovation and caring at all levels creates success; to be a provider of bread for the communities in the townships by using the gift to give teenagers a chance!