My name is Miriam, I’m 18 years old and I spent 3 months at iKhaya.
Already on my first day, I could feel that this place is very special. At iKhaya, there is an atmosphere of love and protection. It has the ability to make people feel comfortable and at ease. This is due to the wonderful children there but to the teachers as well. They treat the children with a lot of affection and educate them in a playful way. I really appreciate their work. It’s obvious that the children feel respected and welcome and for many of them, iKhaya is their second home.
Every day I practised reading with the kids, helped them with their homework or played games with them outside. And I got so many smiles, hugs and even letters back.
After some time, they really get attached to you – as well as you get attached to them, so it’s good to spend a longer time at iKhaya.
My farewell wasn’t easy for me and I wish to come back to that amazing place.

Greetings from Germany,