Hello my Name is Svea, I’m Swiss and 19 years old.

After I finished my high school this year, I decided to do a grab year.
Doing volunteer work during this time seemed like the right thing for me: travelling, going in a new culture, learn about different lifestyles and making enrichment experiences for my future profession; Teaching. That’s why I chose to go to a project with children.

The destiny brought me to a such amazing place called Cape Town and let me be a part of iKhaya le Themba for one month. After these four weeks, which went by too fast I can say that I’m so happy that I did this and I’ll never ever forget this amazing time and all these beautiful children!

From the first moment, all the members of iKhaya le Themba and especially the children made me feel at home. Every day they welcomed me with hugs and a big smile, which made me smile as well. I can’t explain this amazing feeling I had during the homework- time. When I explained the children something they didn’t understand and with my help, they suddenly did.
But it wasn’t just me teaching the kids, they taught me as well. They showed me how to live a simple life happily. They told me about their lives, their dreams and their interests. They just touched my heart.

iKhaya le Themba is a wonderful project. I‘m so glad that all these children have a such a nice and safe place and that iKhaya le Themba gives them a good start in their young lives!