Hi, my name is Lara Ewert. I am an intern at iKhaya for almost two months now and luckily will be here until February 2019. I am in my third year from my study Leisure Management at the Breda University of Applied Sciences.

This is my second time in South Africa. Two years ago I came to Swaziland with an organisation to do volunteering work at a local Neighbourhood Care Point. With that same organisation we travelled through South Africa and I fell in love with this country from the very beginning. I learned about iKhaya le Themba because of other volunteers that I’ve met during this journey and thought it was a beautiful concept. Never thought that I would work here for 6 months until the opportunity came up.

So now that I’m here, I’m really getting to know the company and the community that they work with. iKhaya is such a loving place for all of the children and all of the staff that you feel at home immediately. Also the children at iKhaya are filled with love, and they love to share that love with everybody that comes across. It doesn’t matter where you from, they will brace you with their joy, hope and love.

Besides my tasks as an intern I help out in the daily tasks of the volunteers. During this time I’ve got to spend time with the kids and really experience the impact that iKhaya has on the lives of these kids and their families. I feel really special and blessed that I can be a part of the solution this community needs.

I’m certainly going to enjoy the rest of my time left at iKhaya and can’t wait to see them develop and grow in the future.

Lots of love – Lara Ewert