iKhaya le Themba's programs

Our holistic programs are designed to first and foremost educate the children and support the local community.

Intensive Care Afterschool Program – iKhaya le Themba offers a holistic integrated and multi-facetted afterschool program that provides a safe place to play, learn and grow in an intensive care after school context. Our beneficiaries are children living in Imizamo Yethu whose families are affected by HIV& Aids or are vulnerable for other reasons. 100 primary School children from age 6-14 participate in our Intensive Care Afterschool program that includes educational, therapeutic and recreational activities:

  • Maths – Hands on Maths and Math Lab assists children through a real world experience of maths
  • Literacy – We present our literacy programs in English and isiXhosa based on a phonetic program supported with reading schemes and literacy support from Stars for Africa and Kagiso Readers.
  • Life Skills – Our life skills programs include material from Sara, a program from Think Twice and various programs we have developed internally. All our programs incorporate HIV&AIDS education and prevention, personal health and hygiene, promoting strategic thinking and decision making.
  • Therapeutic Groups – Our therapeutic programs include Jonathon Morgan’s Hero Books (problem solving), our own programs – Memory boxes (processing grief), Anger Tamers (managing anger), Care Force Life Keys’ Kids with Courage (anxiety).
  • Recreational/ Creative groups – These groups depend on the skills of staff or volunteers present but currently include soccer, netball, volleyball, art, drama and choir.

Our service includes holiday clubs, youth camps, special events and outings that provide an opportunity for enrichment not usually available to the children. Outings are held once per term for all the children and the youth camp is held annually for 30 children. We have developed readers to educate children on HIV&AIDS so that they can read for themselves about the pandemic and develop their understanding of the disease, including prevention and treatment.   These readers, the teacher manual as well as all our other internally developed programs are available to other organisations working with children.  iKhaya le themba is an active member of the Hout Bay Health Forum, a community of local NGOs who meet monthly to discuss community health issues. In addition, iKhaya le themba facilitates conversations with the Community of Hout Bay to increase their support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children in the township. We create awareness of the work and support needed to ensure the sustainability of the organisations and that we stay relevant.

Programs and Parent Centre

70% staff live in the community, ensuring trust and peace of mind to their families.  A youth development program – Sakhisizwe YDP was launched for grades 7-12 and is now operating as its own NGO in the original container where iKhaya began.  Curious Kids and ECD training program for Moms and babies is a 12 week program meeting on Saturdays.

Nourish Bakery has relocated to Hout Bay Harbour, expanding their business and there are plans to open Nourish 2 in the township very soon.

We started a Sewing Project with the moms that grew and expanded down to the Scout Hall in Hout Bay to be more inclusive of all Hout Bay.  Sewing Project # 2 starts at iKhaya again in Term 3 on Wednesdays from 11:30 and will create items for our tourism shop along with our best seller iKhaya Tales.  Our caretaker Phila has been trained as a site guide and has his own tourism business at iKhaya called Tours of Hope.

Family Support Program

iKhaya le themba employs a community worker who visits the homes of our most vulnerable families and organises life coaching, parenting classes and life skills training. In addition the centre advocates and acts as a referral system for the parents. iKhaya le themba facilitates and links the families with the school and ensures that each family’s needs are being met in the most comprehensive way. We hope to equip parents to be able to support the children so that they can remain in their care even whilst the family faces the extraordinary stress of poverty and illness. At present the centre support 60 families in the community. Nourish Bakery Launched to become coffee shop/tourism/sales to include iKhaya Branded t-shirts, fleece tops, beanies, waterbottles and book.

Adult Education Program 

From time to time our Community Worker and the Director assess the needs of the families of the children and workshops are offered in Adult Education, Wordworks has been successful in the past and other workshops in computer literacy, support in writing CVs, looking for employment online and more are on offer for our families.  Many parents (50%) are unemployed and under educated and need skills to provide for their children. Through home visits iKhaya le themba identifies the skills training needed and provides workshops to up skill the parents. The adult education program also provides for parenting skills and therapeutic needs. This program offers one workshop and 8 follow-on support groups per term. Topics covered are identified by parents as needs and include: Adult Literacy, Depression, Parenting Skills and Household financial management. The parents requested that we expand this program to a full time “Parent Resource Centre” which offers holistic support including exercise groups, HIV&AIDS education, healthy cooking classes, food gardening, computer literacy, resume writing, CV development, practice interviews, worker readiness training, sewing and baking.


  • iKhaya has had an impact on over 1000 children’s education through learner support
  • Grade 1 children will no longer struggle to pass their grade due to inferior language skills
  • Through employment, internships and entrepreneurships, parents/carers will be able to support their families financially, provide stability, safety and restore dignity to their family
  • Bridging social, cultural, historical, economic barriers through relationships built with iKhaya sponsors, children and their families
  • When the iKhaya le Themba model of care has proved itself, it will be able to increase the impact on communities exponentially



  • Social Norms – Fourteen years in the community has provided trained, confident and experienced staff who are from the community itself, built trust and successful relationships. Together we feel these are key factors in understanding and confronting destructive social norms
  • Academic Improvement – The combination of working with children before they are in formal schooling, through the after school program and with their parents/carers will meet the requirement for these children to continue to improve
  • Small businesses fail: Well identified entrepreneurs, adequate training and regular committed mentors are ways we plan to manage risk
  • Lack of business support: Hout Bay community has become more involved and we are building networks to continue the influence to increase its success
  • Communication and relationships are vital.   iKhaya extends the opportunity for organisations to develop partnerships to sponsor families who grow and thrive.

Also known as Mandela Park, IY is a small township with approximately 50,000 people living in shack dwellings and some RDP housing provided by the government. There is an estimated 25% HIV infection rate and about 50% of the families are unemployed. Those who have employment are almost exclusively unskilled. Many of the care givers live in informal dwellings and do not have access to services including water, sewerage and electricity. Pollution and disease are ongoing problems exacerbating the general sense of hopelessness and despair in this community.

Inequality is often cited as another of the biggest challenges facing development and transformation. Hout Bay is a prime area that reflects the gap between the affluent and poor. iKhaya collaborates with organisations to build bridges to close the gap. There’s a lack of facilities and service for the poor and the wealthy are less aware of the problem. There is great potential for more engagement with the community at large and iKhaya le themba is instrumental in writing regular features in the local newspaper and social media platforms, participates in the local forums, invites volunteer students from the nearby privileged high-school and general community as well as the global community to participate as volunteers to assist in bridging the divide.

Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Development Projects Uplifting Community:

Nourish Bakery

Mission: Ikhaya lethemba offers holistic help and support to 100 orphaned and vulnerable children in the township of Imizamo Yethu. Many of the heads of these households have no work, live below the poverty line, are not educated or have no skills. In the interest of community upliftment and to place value on Ikhaya’s program a worker readiness training program was offered to families in need of work. 5 parents chose enterprise development as an avenue for income and Ikhaya’s NOURISH Bakery was born. Two urban ovens were purchased and 5 parents and three teens were trained as artisan breadmakers. Bread has been sold throughout the township, to the creches and now a local restaurant in Hout Bay will buy bread regularly and make way for Ikhaya to sell NOURISH BREAD on their shelves.

Vision: Launch bakery and café with supplies to run a sustainable business that thrives and contributes to the township’s economic development, also providing job creation for our parents and older youth.

Bakery Needs: 10-20 10 kgs of flour, 10 liters of oil, containers and additional baking pans, bread slicer machine, aprons, gloves, towels, cleaning supplies.

Café :   To offer coffee, muffins, pizza and bread to township and visitors, including staff

Tours of Hope conducted by trained parents and youth

Rationale: 50% of residents living in IY are unemployed, live below the poverty line, are not educated and have no skills.

Objective: To provide upIiftment and holistic support to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Imizamo Yethu. Site Guide training course is offered to former drop outs and under-skilled. Ikhaya community development officers reunited several teens who had dropped out of school and were without hope. Having agreed to go back to school to avoid gangs and the poverty cycle; the teens were signed up for night school. An additional course offered: Tourism. Ikhaya offers Social Impact tours and has developed their own tour guide program as a social enterprise project and as a service for the numerous volunteers visiting the area. Collaborating with a local woman who runs a soup kitchen for AIDS patients, a taste of the township lunch will be provided to tourists choosing to experience township food and culture.

Vision:   Launch tourism shop and social impact tour to run a sustainable business that thrives and contributes to the township’s economic development. T-shirts, caps and water bottles for sale to tourists and volunteers; Flyers about the community history and maps, magazine and History of iKhaya picture book to be published and available for sale at tourist shop

Needs: To purchase t- shirts, caps, water bottles and fleece tops for sale, including beanies for winter. Printing costs for flyers plus publishing maps of the area to sell. Tourists meet from City Sightseeing Bus stop at the police station down the hill and transported to iKhaya to begin their tour at the NOURISH Bakery & Café; to include tour of township, lunch at home of a parent, make sandwiches for the kids and meet the kids, assist with homework, play soccer and join in read aloud, recreation and sing along times. Social impact tour will be offered to corporates as a team building exercise for employees, social impact tour for visiting conference attendees, etc.